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This forum is for members to share their top hat sailing experiences, whether it be an interesting day sail, a coastal passage, or a journey across the oceans.
These experiences may be good, bad or ugly!, it is intended that we can learn from each other, & encourage each other to get out there & enjoy these wonderful yachts.


Postby Shaun » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:34 pm

Good on ya Brad,
The Top Hat looks great, many happy years of adventuring on the water for you & your family there, enjoy.

Dont feel too bad about grounding there, I also got into a spot of bother in about the same location by the sound of it, although my problem was the water was deeper than I thought (I thought it was 3m infact it was over 9m), dropped the pick amongst moored boats then got hit by a 30kt plus storm, to cut a long story short I got assisstance from Marine Rescue also....a tow out of the mooring area & onto a Police mooring for the night, so all ended well, except being 2 hrs late meeting a mate at the Arms for a beer.
A depth sounder would have prevented the situation then.
Its a tricky little area to get around if you dont know it well.

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Postby DESIREMK1 » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:57 pm

Hi Shaun ,

Thanks for the compliments , it means a lot to have my children onboard enjoying the Mk1 with me , as I grew up on The Hawkesbury .

Our Mk1 will become better over time , though the basics are still sound , and being built Tank Like , I feel it's only half way through its life span , and may be inherited by my boys .

There is so much I have in mind for her , though I am sure it will all happen in time .

That area in Bayview is quite deceiving , I guess it's just a lesson learnt that requires higher diligence in this regard in the future .

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