Transas iSailor

Transas iSailor

Postby Shaun » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:01 am

I have recently got an iPad with 3g/4g. I went into the App store with the intent of putting Navionics on it, I spotted the Transas iSailor app.
Transas was $30 cheaper ($55 compared to $85!!) & after reading some of the feedback about the navionics, decided to go with the iSailor.
Pretty glad I did too, it is quite good to use, looks good & has some good features.
Is anyone else using it?,
A couple of things I don't like, or haven't figured out yet is it doesn't update as often, for example there has been some Courtesy moorings installed not too long ago locally, these appear on Navionics but not on iSailor.
When you turn off the screen to save battery power, it stops recording the starts back up instantly when you turn the screen back on, but the track for the "screen off" section has not been recorded.
Would be good to hear others thoughts on iSailor.
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Re: Transas iSailor

Postby allany » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:52 pm

I use isailor and find it better than navonics also
I don't use the track feature
As with the updates they only happen a few times a year as a rule unless there is something big
Most changes are handled through Notice To Mariners advice and you can subscribe to email notifications free at the hydrographic office

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