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Postby RodM » Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:07 pm

Garmin Aus charts, G2 & G2 Vision are all quite different. The Aus & NZ Chart - pre-loaded, is very basic and not something I'd want to navigate by - no coastal detail but it does have marine bouys, so of some assistaance for river mouths, marina entrances etc. I'm not sure about updates for this chart. G2 Charts provides the same info as a paper chart and looks similar on your screen. It's good to navigate with. I think G2 is mainly still sold for the types of gps such as hand held GPS78 which will not run G2 Vision. G2 Vision provides the three views - Birds eye (as per chart), Mariners Eye view - as you see it, and fisheye view (very basic underwater perspective per depth contours. G2 Vision also adds land info from satellite photos, so often what you see in the distance is what you see on the chart plotter. Get yr chartplotter, then get G2 Vision. Garmin sells updates for G2 & G2 Vision so software can be kept current.

I understand that the gps in smartphones and tablets is attached to but not dependent on the Sim Card circuitry. The gps is 'reception assisted' which is why Dominos knows where you are when you order a pizza for home delivery. On the water, it means gps works without reception but is slower to get its initial fix - up to a minute rather than within a few seconds. Once the fix is made you won't notice any discrepancy under 40-50knots - so it's only an issue for Mk3's:)

Cheers, Rod M
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