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What do you do to prevent an accidental jibe whilst sailing downwind?
Also wondering whether one needs to add fittings and if so, what?
Is it possible to run the preventer to one of the chain plates or to the anchor roller/forestay?
Would I need to fit horn cleats or jammers (winches) in the cockpit?
Potential damage to the lifelines and shrouds (have just rebuilt these).
Rope suggestions also welcome. On the web there is much discussion regarding where to attache the rope (mid boom or end of boom)
Does anyone not set a preventer when sailing downwind?
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Re: Preventer

Postby lockie » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:32 am

I always set a preventer when sailing downwind solo. I keep a hank of 6mm braided poly at the pulpit, with a small block on a loop. I drop the loop over the mooring cleat and run the preventer from the boom through the block back to a camcleat in the cockpit. Common sense dictates tying the preventer to the boom close to the clew, as that is where the force from a loose-footed sail is applied. I read in various forums of preventers fixed mid-boom leading to breakage, no direct experience though.

The preventer is also useful in light winds. Together with the sheet and vang, it keeps the boom in position and stops it flopping around and spilling air from the sail.

Cheers, Graeme
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