Keeping the sun out: curtain installation.

Keeping the sun out: curtain installation.

Postby Troppo » Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:39 pm

The amount of heat that comes in through my windows in Windchaser during summer is enough to bake a cake. Maybe.

Back in February 2014 I tried using car windscreen shades cut to size to keep the sun out.

I was very happy with how much cooler it was inside. Not happy at all with how quickly the stick-on velcro fell off.

When I put the tinted windows in, I thought perhaps in summer it would be cooler inside with no shades. Not.

I didn't know what I would do about curtains until Phillip came up the coast in Seaka and I saw what he had done. Neat. The curtains don't get pulled to the side. They simply roll up and tie up. I liked it. Decided to do it.

The area around my windows has various holes probably from several sets of past curtain holders. I didn't trust the lining to just sink a screw into it so I epoxy glued shaped pieces of ply. Used stainless steel screws to hold the stretchy wire in place (that white covered stuff). Used a glued bit of ply and cup hook in the middle of the run of wire to give more support.

curtains03.jpg (77.17 KiB) Viewed 838 times

Sewed up some old backed curtain fabric. Did a quick trip out to Windchaser to do a test fit. Apart from one dowel that goes in the hem at the bottom not sliding all the way through from my crooked sewing, I am very happy with them.

A mistake I made was to not allow enough overlap. I used too much material when I hemmed the top then I changed from thin dowel to thicker and found I did not have enough drop in the material. Had to sew on strips so I could get the thicker dowel hemmed.

curtains05.jpg (176.13 KiB) Viewed 838 times

Now I have reasonably neat curtains that roll up like blinds. When I put them up I could feel immediately how much heat they were keeping out. Still some minor things to do to finish them off but overall I am really happy about them.

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