Wanting to buy top hat 25 under 10k

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Wanting to buy top hat 25 under 10k

Postby Joshd073 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:06 am

Looking to buy a top hat 25.
I am based in Melbourne.
Budget is 10k.
But could go a little higher for the right boat.

Don't mind getting my hands dirty if it needs a good scrubbing
But as it will be my first boat I don't have a great knowledge of boat restoration.

Does anyone know any for sale that would suit?
Or know of anyone thinking of selling?

Also any advice when going through the buying process the a first timer would not know?

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Re: Wanting to buy top hat 25 under 10k

Postby Shaun » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:31 am

Hi Josh,
Welcome to the forum.
You should find a pretty good one for around $10k, I'd suggest concentrating on a local boat, as bringing a boat that you don't have any knowledge of from interstate is a $$$ & time costly proposition, more than you think.
There is lots of info on what to look for when buying a top hat on this site, the search box (in the top right of the page, may bring something up, but it's a bit hit & miss).
If buying one with an inboard, make sure its in good condition. Rigging can also be costly, so newish rigging is a bonus.
You can usually pick up second hand sails quite cheap.
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Re: Wanting to buy top hat 25 under 10k

Postby Troppo » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:29 am

Hi Josh, I second Shaun's advice. I suggest you don't rush but spend time looking at boats and reading stuff and thinking about things. There are lots of bits and pieces in a sailing boat. Putting effort into getting to know boats does make it easier when it comes to actually making the decision to purchase. Did for me anyway. I can remember when I first started looking at boats, I would go onboard and only have vague ideas of what I was looking at or how much things would cost to repair. The more I looked and read about stuff, the more I noticed and understood when I was checking out a possible purchase.

I ended up taking a torch and camera when I looked at a boat. The torch so I could see inside the dark areas and the camera so I could remember later exactly how things were.

Have fun!

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Re: Wanting to buy top hat 25 under 10k

Postby livinglife » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:12 pm

Hi Josh,
You are getting some good advice about buying a first boat. We were in the same position 9 months ago and we knew nothing but we joined the top hat site as part of the process. Top hats were about the size and price of boat we were looking for as beginners. Looking at boats and listening to what others have to say is crucial.
We looked at a lot of boats and some we would not touch, but we learnt a lot from looking at the worst ones.
That is how we found the boat we have now which we are renovating on a budget and living aboard as we do it. As live aboards we are learning even more quickly.. We did not end up with a Top Hat, but have great respect for the advice we received from people who know boats.

We paid under $10k for a 30ft wooden boat with bow sprit, 6 reasonable sails and good rigging, has head but we have fitted second hand sani loo. Has 4 good stainless steel water tanks.
The hull is sound with some rot in the deck which we fixed. Great experience learning about epoxy from masters of the trade.
Our boat is not costing a lot to renovate as we do the work ourselves and we started off with a boat in reasonable condition.

Happy to help if we are able to.

Fiona and Kevin
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