Rudder pivot pin

Rudder pivot pin

Postby KingKev » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:01 am

Hi everyone, new to this forum.
Have a question about the rudder pivot pin.
Went through a big storm of mackay, dropped of the back of a wave and the rudder dropped. It's still in the water so i am unable to take pictures, but i lifted rudder with a block and tackle and dropped it back onto pin. Is this a common accurance? I have looked at the pictures on this forum of the pin, mine does'nt appear to be as long as in pictures (approx 20mm above plastic bush, washer). Were there variations of this pivot eg different length pins? or could mine have been modified or dropped in the carrier? or is this normal?
Thanks very much for any assistance
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Re: Rudder pivot pin

Postby Phillip » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:43 pm

G'day Kev,

No, it's not a normal thing for the rudder to jump off the bottom pin.
Normally there is not enough room for that to happen.
To remove the rudder you normally remove the bronze shoe to allow the rudder to drop out.
[After removing the top block of course]

If you have access to dive gear you may have to remove the bottom shoe [4 SS or bronze pins] and have the pin extended
by welding a bit of SS rod to match on top.

At the top of the rudder there should be a gap that is less than the height of the pin in the shoe.

Where are you now Kev?
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