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Lake Macquarie Hatters Subforum

Postby Brainless » Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:54 am

This forum has been created as a trial for information about Lake Macquarie along with an area for post things related to Lake Macquarie etc
This can be expanded out to other area's if required

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Re: Lake Macquarie Hatters Subforum

Postby Dolphin » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:51 am

G'Day Ryan.
One other thing to note is that the RMS (Maritime) have a notice out that during May the Swansea Bridge has very restricted openings, like only once or twice a day, as they are repairing the wooden buffers on the entrance and exit approaches to the bridge. This isn't a joke about Seaka hitting it there is a real notice out and the Variable Message Signs on the road approaches to the bridge are indicating that from last saturday 20th April 2013.
You may also want to inform people about;
a) the Razor Clams that are now an extensive problem and have been seen in the sand as far north as the Belmont 16 footers. They are increasing in numbers and Sydney University are researching them but are not removing them because they want to see if there is natural reduction in them. They are now the most numerous in the last 20 years. Commercial fishing trawlers have been stopped and there is a theory that the nets used to disrupt them. One person Interviewed by 1233 ABC Newcastle said he was tired of getting his feet cut getting out of the dinghy and getting stitches. The beach on the NE side of Pulbah Is and Browns Bay are the worst areas I've seen in the lake.
b) Blue ringed octopus are now in plague proportions in the lake. THe main ares are on the eaastern side of the lake from Marks Pt to Valentine. At the Belmont 16s the grounds man said that most of the time they are washed up on the waterfront. Don't turn over any shells or rocks and wear shoes for razor clams and blue ringed occies. The previous owner of Oberon, John Lewis) said he found them in the cooling water intake of a previous boat he had.
c) There are bull sharks in the south part of the lake and the good news is there are less in the north. Hammer heads have been seen in the north part along Coal Pt when my son Adam has been sailing 16 footers. Two junior races were called off when sharks were sighted in Belmont Bay this summer.
d) There has been recent dredging in the channel and the least depth I've noticed has been 2.2 m when the lake was at its average depth in Jan 2013. The depth on the coal seam is 1.6m at zero tide (tide datum, from Marine Rescue Swansea).

Current bar conditions can be viewed live on the NSW maritime site under bar webcams. Incidentally, If you look at low tide you can see in the very bottom of the picture as it pans out to Moon Island the coal seam half way out along the rock shelf.
There is a small pod of about 3 to 5 dolphins in Warners Bay and I've seen a seal under Felicite in Belmont Bay. That is on Youtube.
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Re: Lake Macquarie Hatters Subforum

Postby Phillip » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:34 am

Dammm, If I'd known all that I wouldn't have come into the Lake :shock:
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