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Postby Dolphin » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:15 pm

Well, sounds like that is all sorted.
Mike, Just one hint too, if you're on your own, it is hard to leave the helm and navigate. The biggest obstacle on that part of the coast is Long Reef as Brendan states. To keep clear make sure you can see MacQuarie Light when you are abeam of Long Reef. You must carry a chart of the area also as a regulation. That goes for anywhere you sail. On the chart you will see a line coming from Macquarie light marked Obs which means Obscured by North Head. It passes some distance off Long Reef. This works day and night. Once clear you can then tuck back into the coast. There are a few reefs but you probably won't be getting in that close. Get plenty of sleep the night before and if the weather is not right, DON'T GO!
When you go to log off with Coast Guard Sydney make sure you do it OUTSIDE Barrenjoey as the radio contact is patchy once you get inside Broken Bay. Don't use Mobile phones as they are unreliable at sea. They are directed onto the land.
Keep a good lookout when you are at sea. We've seen a broken sling lot of timber, 50 pieces 6m x 300mm x 300mm between Sydney Harb and Botany Bay, missed a Sunfish by 3m and a power boat has run over a half sunk container that drifted down from up north which ripped out his prop shaft, and I havn't sailed much on the coast.
The EPIRB details can be changed for each trip. I have just bought a new 406 and I will change the trip details when we leave shortly. Borrow one if you can. It takes the search out of search and rescue.
I will be travelling with Gary from Galini in a week or two. Our mooring in Lake Mac is just about ready. We may see you on Broken Bay. I'd like to spend a couple of days there weather permitting.
I'd look forward to hearing a story as to how you went in Top Hat voyages!
Hope you all have a good safe trip.
Greg, Felicite.
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Re: Going Outside

Postby Phillip » Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:42 am

Morning All,

Take the EPIRB!

Two fishermen were 45 km off the coast here at Port Macquarie, this week, when their boat turn upsidedown. :mrgreen:
When sea rescue got to them the had drifted 25 km down the coast some 7 hours later.

The thing is when sea rescue pulled up to start the search there they were about 100m away
and signalling with the little red light on the EPIRB! :D

Take an EPIRB!

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Re: Going Outside

Postby Miker » Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:11 am

See, this is why forums are great places. I'd forgotten the actual chart. I have a map, but it's not an official maritime chart. I'd also forgotten that it was illegal to go out without one.

I knew about Long Reef, I grew up at Collaroy and Long Reef beaches, I've seen may a boat stop dead in it's own wake because it didn't go wide enough. My intention was to be at least 1.5NM off, depending on the wind of course....

Hopefully the day will dawn bright and sunny, much like today and the trip will be a doddle, accompanied by my son from QLD, my Dad from Mona Vale and a dolphin or seven for company.....

Again, thanks for all your assistance, advice and the watch outs.... off to Whitworths for a chart and a GPS EPIRB.

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