About Top Hat Yachts

This is a voluntary group, with no membership fees, for those interested in Top Hat Yachts. The financial expenses of this site are small and in the future we hope to recover them through the sale of Top Hat inscribed merchandise and by donations recieved through paypal.

This site is formed with the intention that past, present and prospective owners of Top Hat Yachts can exchange information and ideas, thereby increasing the enjoyment of owning a Top Hat Yacht.

The Top Hat Yacht owners group was originally founded on the MSN Group Networking Site in 2002. Due to the closure of the MSN Group Site in February 2009, this stand-alone site was developed to keep the free resource available to Top Hat Yacht enthusiasts.

We quite often organise weekend trips away and regattas. To gain the most from this site we recommend joining the message board where you can interact with other Top Hat owners and enthusiasts. We can be contacted via email to info at webmaster at tophatyachts.com